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    date 22-12-2015


    A new prestigious goal reached by Trans World Shipping SpA:

    Trans World Shipping Spa (TWS) has been granted AEOF certification, i.e. the status of Authorized Economic Operator – Full (certification nr. IT AEOF 15 1042).
    AEOF status is issued by Customs Authorities to any business that fulfils strict criteria in terms of good tax and customs compliance history, financial solvency, accurate record-keeping, safety and security of operating procedures and infrastructures following a long audit process.
    The certification procedure was drawn up by the European Union following the directives of the World Customs Organization (WCO). The WCO guidelines have been adopted by several other Countries in the world with the consequent mutual recognition of the certifications issued by the Customs Authorities of the following States: THE PEOPLES’ REPUBLIC OF CHINA (PRC)
    Such mutual recognition between different Countries enables operators sharing the same characteristics, both financial and operational, to ensure companies at both ends of the International supply chain (i.e. consignors and  consignees) higher safety against tampering of the goods in transit and simplified operational and customs procedures as well as avoid bureaucratic hindrances.   Resorting to an AEOF certified customs agent offers several advantages, the main of which being: ·         simplification of procedures and consequent reduction of customs controls, ·         facilitation of safety procedures, ·         support in obtaining customs authorizations such as the management of bonded warehouses, temporary bonded warehouses, etc.  
    Moreover, in the event of controls, further advantages offered are:
    ·         priority treatment of consignments, ·         choice of the place of controls, subject to agreement with the customs authorities.   By deciding to apply for AEOF certification, which is not mandatory, we at TWS wanted to take a further step in the direction of quality and service reliability so as to ensure greater peace of mind for our customers. 
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    date 23-04-2018


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    date 12-12-2017


    date 02-11-2017

    Pole position and podium at the 4H of ZHUHAI

    Raffaele Marciello’s busy week begun on Tuesday, October 24, at the wheel of a Mercedes C63AMG DTM on the Lausitzring track: a challenging DTM test that saw the Ticino driver handle the car with finesse, testing various set-ups in both wet and dry conditions, and earn the praise of the Mercedes team. After the test Marciello rushed to the airport to catch a plane to Zhuhai, China, where the first race of the Asian Le Mans Series awaited. Marciello, invited by AMG as factory driver for the AAI Motorsport team, shared the wheel with amateur Chinese driver Yam Lu – who enthusiastically took in all of Raffaele’s expert advice – and Englishman Ollie Millroy. The weekend started off with three free sessions in which Marciello’s AMG GT3 no. 90 always finished first or second. During qualifying, Raffaele went on to score the top time and obtained the pole position, outclassing, against all odds, even a fast BMW that had the advantage of competing on a track characterised by many straight sections and few complicated turns.
    Marciello then took the wheel during the first hour of the four-hour Endurance race: an harsh drive through penalty pushed him back to third, but Raffaele fought back with a series of fast laps that propelled him alone at the top. Yam Lu took the wheel for the second stint: while he couldn’t match the Ticino driver’s relentless pace, he drove with confidence and kept the car in first before passing the baton to Millroy. During the latter’s stint the breaking system begun to malfunction, and Marciello, who jumped back in the seat inheriting of an advantage of only two seconds, immediately knew that winning the race was out of the question: he focused his energy on defending the second place instead. It later turned out that the brake pads were completely consumed by the end of the third hour – the result of a compound mistake that effectively ended up jeopardising the race. Still, Marciello can be proud of bringing home yet another podium, especially after such a demanding week.
    Marciello will be back at the wheel, representing Mercedes-AMG, at the FIA GT World Cup in Macau from November 16th to 19th.
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