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    date 03-04-2015

    Raffaele Marciello on full throttle in Sepang

    Lello came in just half a second adrift of Ericsson during the free practice session on Friday.

    Raffaele Marciello, the young racing driver from the Ferrari Driver Academy who is proudly sponsored by TWS, made his practice debut as Sauber’s third driver in Malaysia with thrilling results: he came in just half a second adrift of Marcus Ericsson, his team mate with a year’s experience in F1.    In TWS we are all looking forward to seeing Lello race again in Canada and in Austin, to support him with the same conviction as ever, happy to have the opportunity to follow him in his professional growth. Sepang, 27 March 2015

    date 06-03-2015

    Raffaele Marciello is working to race in F1 in 2016

    The Ferrari Driver Academy is investing on the racing driver sponsored by TWS

    With a full-page article entitled “An Italian driver in the Ferrari racing team” and completed by a long interview, the Italian sports newspaper Corriere dello Sport puts a spotlight on Raffaele Marciello, the twenty-year-old Formula One driver sponsored by TWS. As we announced, this year Raffaele, who is affectionately called Lello, will race in GP2 as well as being a test and reserve driver for Sauber: twelve racing appointments after which, if everything goes as it should, in 2016 he will compete in F1. Just like the Ferrari Driver Academy, we too in TWS continue to believe in Lello, proud that an Italian talent is being offered a great opportunity with the Ferrari brand, an excellence of “Made in Italy”.
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    date 02-03-2015

    TWS sponsors LUBE Volley

    Our commitment in favor of the values of sport

    LUBE Volley’s 2014-15 season can rely on the support of TWS: our brand is steadily present inside the sports arena Palacivitanova. We will also appear on the scrolling displays boards around the court perimeter during every match of the Italian championship. With this sponsorship, alongside that of Raffaele Marciello, in TWS we confirm our commitment in promoting the growth of the territory of the Marches and strengthen our faith in sport as a lesson of values such as dedication, result orientation and team work.

    date 10-02-2015

    The Incoterms® rules

    Since 1936, the Incoterms® trademark has covered a series of rules that ensure clarity and quality in the drafting of contracts between the different operators involved in national and international transactions.  The last edition of Incoterms® rules came into force on 1st January 2011. Resulting from the work by a group of specialists put together on the initiative of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), Incoterms® rules have become a global standard of referral for their clarity and functionality. In fact they identify unequivocally all possible operators and passages for transactions (sender, customs, harbour or airport, frontier, mean of transportation, infrastructures, addressee), and identify punctually  the costs allocated on each operator of the value chain. The six editions  of Incoterms® rules published so far have gradually acknowledged the transformation of the market and the needs of operators at an international level, thanks to the contribution of commercial law experts and consultants of the International Chamber of Commerce.  Being aware of the importance of Incoterms® rules, the ICC has authorized their translation in 31 languages by its national offices, and offers a 6 hour on-line course aimed at their knowledge and correct application.   To find out more: http://www.iccwbo.org/products-and-services/trade-facilitation/incoterms-2010/incoterms-online-training/
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    date 02-02-2015



    To better meet the needs of their customers, two years ago Trans World Shipping activated a service to deal with the application procedures of CITES export permits. CITES permits, which in Italy are issued by the State Forestry Corps, are mandatory by law for export transactions with non - EU Countries regarding the items listed by Commission Regulation (EC) No 407/2009 of 14th May 2009, which protects wild flora and fauna species by regulating their  trade (Washington Convention – CITES). Bureaucratic procedures for CITES permit applications are carried out by experienced TWS staff, following operating processes that have been consolidated over time, thanks to the large number of permits dealt with. All this for the benefit of Trans World Shipping customers, who can be granted their permits in a considerably short time. 
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