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    date 04-12-2014

    Harrods recommends TWS quality

    The prestigious, historic London department store, Harrods, recommends that its suppliers choose TWS for transporting their goods. The TWS London office has therefore become the destination for shipments from the world over being sent to Harrods. Once they have been received and processed at the TWS logistics hub, these goods are delivered to Brompton Road always on time and in accordance with the strict quality standards established by Harrods’s procedures. This decision by Harrods is high confirmation indeed of the appreciation for TWS quality in the marketplace.

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    date 14-07-2017


    date 04-07-2017

    TWS celebrates its 25th anniversary with the Sferisterio Opera Festival!

    Trans World Shipping Spa sponsors Italian cultural excellence around the world.

    Trans World Shipping Spa, celebrating its 25 years of activity, decided to support one of the higher excellences of the Italian culture in the world: the Opera! To mark the love with its own ruts and origins from Le Marche Region, TWS established a friendship and sponsorship relationship the Sferisterio Opera Festival, one of the most important player of the Italian Opera. Since many decades, Sferisterio Opera Festival has hosted and realized many innovative productions, attracting the public's attention from all over the world, for all kind of public. The special structure of the Sferisterio, which is in line with the best Neoclassical taste and betrays a Palladian influence, it perfectly blends with the city landscape. The harmonious structure ensures perfect visibility and wonderful acoustics to every productions and artistic performances. The relationship between TWS and Sferisterio come from the common assets they share: Constant research for excellence - Perfect organization - international skills, representing Italy in the World. Trans World Shipping, 25 years of EXCELLENCE ... a World of Experience!

    Programme: https://issuu.com/essercicomunicazione/docs/opuscolo_web
    Official Website: http://www.sferisterio.it/
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    date 27-06-2017