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    TWS builds a relationship with every customer based on our extensive consultancy service. This helps us to perform in-depth analysis of the target markets for every business client and to identify any services that would make the logistics, taxation and customs management more efficient and functional, using our integrated value added approach.
    In fact, the key to effectively covering international markets is optimised logistics management. This helps you to seize all the opportunities offered by technological innovations or by any regulations that constantly come into force in various country markets.


    Through our network of over 300 specialist professionals, TWS handles all kinds of shipments in full containers or using groupage to and from all major destinations worldwide.
Our vast experience in the air transport sector also helps TWS to organise and manage cargo charter flights, if our customers require this kind of solution.
    The specialist skills we acquired from the world of fashion help TWS to process and ship loose items of clothing carefully and efficiently (by sea, air or land). Thanks to our special equipment, clothes can be shipped while hanging, without the need for expensive packaging or any risk of creasing or damage. So once they reach their destination, the items are all ready to wear, without the need for any reconditioning.


    In an increasingly globalised marketplace, choosing the right partner to transport your goods is a key factor for the success of any type of business. Consequently, TWS has established our own facilities in Italy, the United Kingdom and the USA, where your goods can be processed and reconditioned.
    At these facilities, parcels arriving from factories can be opened in order to include your products in with the stock, to recondition them if necessary or to remove them to avoid mixed orders.
    These TWS facilities also contain customs areas so your stock can be processed quickly and flexibly, meaning that you only pay any customs duties at the actual time of sale to the end customer.
    TWS offers the following services at our warehouses:
    • Scanning incoming goods
    • Quality control
    • Goods holding in permanent or temporary facilities
    • Picking & Packing
    • Labelling
    • Preparing commercial and shipping documents
    • Generating package labels and labelling
    • Digital proof of delivery
    • Personalised customer support service
    • Authorisation, receipt and checks
    • Inventory of damaged items
    • Ironing and minor repairs (for the fashion industry)
    • Surplus storage
    • Physical warehouse inventory
    • Goods insurance
    • Accounting management for tax representation
    • Database maintenance
    • EDI connections


    TWS also manages warehouses under customs processing arrangements, which will help you to conduct export and import operations through local clearance procedures.
    Every customer can therefore flexibly optimise the management time of their goods and integrate in one single location with one single representative all three key phases of international shipping: transport, logistics management and customs operations.
    In response to market demand, TWS has also established Type C customs warehouses: where logistics activities are permitted even though the goods remain as foreign property, meaning no customs duties need to be paid. These duties will be paid at the time of direct sale to an EU State. However, if the goods are in transit to a customer outside Europe, the customs duties do not have to be paid. This saves you money and speeds up the bureaucratic process.
    Finally, TWS can also offer VAT tax warehousing services. This means that the customer does not have to settle the VAT immediately when the goods are imported.


    With the skyrocketing growth of mobile connectivity, the number of commercial transactions on the Internet is also increasing. More and more companies are therefore deciding to set up e-commerce infrastructures to seize these new opportunities and expand their business.
    With our solid experience in managing commercial networks, TWS can also help our customers to develop efficient, versatile and functional e-commerce solutions. In fact, the logistics structure here at TWS means that we can effectively support the shipping and distribution of products purchased online.

    Fiscal representation

    Every product sold and every service provided within countries of the European Union is subject to VAT (Value Added Tax). VAT is only paid by the end user, so it is just a clearing entry for any businesses that operate along the value chain of a product or service.
    Companies operating within the European Union must be VAT registered, otherwise they cannot process domestic or international commercial transactions.
    To promote commercial trade, EU legislation has established a tax representation system. This means that companies based outside the European Union may be represented, solely for VAT purposes so they do not have to pay income tax, by an Italian company which is assigned a VAT registration number on behalf of the foreign company requesting one.
    Consequently, a company based outside the European Union can fulfil its legal VAT obligations without having to open an office or find legal representation in Italy or elsewhere in Europe, just like any other company based in or with legal representation in an EU country.
    TWS has been providing tax representation for many years to various non-EU companies. As such, we have all the knowledge, expertise and resources to offer efficient tax representation. Tax representation in Italy brings many advantages, such as:
    • a guarantee of compliance with tax legislation and fulfilment of local VAT obligations;
    • the management of VAT declarations for the trade of goods between EU countries, including claims for VAT reimbursement and potential Intrastat declarations;
    • the production of a single import customs declaration, even for shipments with several final recipients, regardless of the EU country where they are based;
    • the possibility, according to law, of carrying out direct deliveries to recipients based in Italy or other EU countries;
    • the possibility, provided that the buyer of the goods is based in an EU country, of fulfilling all operating obligations (collection from factories abroad, customs clearance, payment of customs duties and delivery to the recipient) through the logistics and transport organisation of a tax representative. This eliminates the need to deal with customs agents, shipping agents, airlines and other intermediaries;
    • the possibility to defer VAT payment on imported goods under VAT tax warehousing arrangements.