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    date 05-04-2016

    TWS enhances its quality in Europe with the opening of the new branch in Paris

    TWS has now opened a new branch in Paris. Strategically located between Charles De Gaulle airport and the French capital, with its 2,000 square metre  warehouse and 200 square metre offices, the new branch offers its clients an efficient response to all their logistics and shipping needs. Conceived to complement the development of TWS’ outstanding services for the fashion industry’s top brands, the Paris branch has its own fleet of vans for the distribution and collection of goods throughout the whole metropolitan area. Thus, TWS’s clients, both French and elsewhere, can now rely on another important logistics hub to take full advantage of TWS’s wide range of services (international shipping and transport, sea, air and road import and export, logistics, distribution). 
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    date 08-03-2016

    Trans World Shipping Spa:

    a key element in the export of the Made in Italy quality worldwide

    Trans World Shipping Spa has gained another important achievement, establishing itself as a strategic hub for the worldwide success of the most prestigious Made in Italy brands. In the March issue of Cargo Matters, the magazine of the air cargo division of SWISS, an article by Silvia Cappelli (which can be downloaded from the news page) highlights that by “Made in Italy” we often refer to “Made in Tuscany”, as in the case of the products by Gucci, Ferragamo, Prada. And it is just in Tuscany that TWS plays a leading role in meeting the needs of the Italian luxury industry, which exports all over the world. Thanks to its branch in Prato Calenzano, Trans World Shipping Spa is, in fact, one of the most qualified operators in the logistics and international shipping sector for top-range fashion brands. In the article above, Lorenzo Salvi, the Area Manager of Trans World Shipping Spa, points out that “every fashion brand has its own specific logistic requirements. Over the last years, we at TWS have had to develop customized solutions which can be perfectly integrated with each of our customers’ distribution chains. High quality and professionalism are essential at every stage, from the organization of production facilities to logistics and transport services”. The collaboration between Trans World Shipping and the air cargo division of SWISS for the worldwide export of the Made in Italy fashion enhances TWS’s best qualities: reliability, precision, accuracy and service customization.  
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    date 22-12-2015


    A new prestigious goal reached by Trans World Shipping SpA:

    Trans World Shipping Spa (TWS) has been granted AEOF certification, i.e. the status of Authorized Economic Operator – Full (certification nr. IT AEOF 15 1042).
    AEOF status is issued by Customs Authorities to any business that fulfils strict criteria in terms of good tax and customs compliance history, financial solvency, accurate record-keeping, safety and security of operating procedures and infrastructures following a long audit process.
    The certification procedure was drawn up by the European Union following the directives of the World Customs Organization (WCO). The WCO guidelines have been adopted by several other Countries in the world with the consequent mutual recognition of the certifications issued by the Customs Authorities of the following States: THE PEOPLES’ REPUBLIC OF CHINA (PRC)
    Such mutual recognition between different Countries enables operators sharing the same characteristics, both financial and operational, to ensure companies at both ends of the International supply chain (i.e. consignors and  consignees) higher safety against tampering of the goods in transit and simplified operational and customs procedures as well as avoid bureaucratic hindrances.   Resorting to an AEOF certified customs agent offers several advantages, the main of which being: ·         simplification of procedures and consequent reduction of customs controls, ·         facilitation of safety procedures, ·         support in obtaining customs authorizations such as the management of bonded warehouses, temporary bonded warehouses, etc.  
    Moreover, in the event of controls, further advantages offered are:
    ·         priority treatment of consignments, ·         choice of the place of controls, subject to agreement with the customs authorities.   By deciding to apply for AEOF certification, which is not mandatory, we at TWS wanted to take a further step in the direction of quality and service reliability so as to ensure greater peace of mind for our customers. 
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    date 23-11-2015

    TWS is at the forefront, also, of seismic safety

      Safety in workplaces has always been one of the pillars of the TWS culture. More in detail, as the Marches is a region of high earthquake hazard, we at TWS have always scrupulously obeyed seismic safety regulations. Today we can say that we are at the forefront also in this field. We have, in fact, increased the level of safety of many of our branches, even going beyond the provisions of the relevant legislation. Thanks to the partnership with AF Foresi Engineering Srl, we have decided on our own accord to make  our warehouses and offices compliant with the most advanced and strict regulations. In doing so, we are adopting an innovative device: the BF seismic hook for infill panels, which overcomes the drawbacks of the solutions traditionally used in earthquake engineering. 
    If a seismic event occurs, the BF seismic hook enables the prefabricated structures to slide considerably without deformations;
     the seismic energy absorbed by the building is, in fact, dissipated by a highly ductile structural steel profile which has exceptional performances also in the event of small  assembly errors.   The BF seismic hook, which is currently being patented, is the result of the scientific collaboration of AF Foresi Engineering Srl and Dr. Eng. Innocenzo Becci with Prof. Eng. Paolo Riva from the University of Bergamo -  Department of Design and Technologies, and the active cooperation of TWS. Its adoption enables TWS to fully comply with the Italian Technical Regulations on Construction (NTC), which were passed in 2008 and replaced the Ministerial Decrees in the field of seismic safety of 9th and 16th January 1996. The testing of this innovative device has been carried out in compliance with the guidelines for the revision of NTC 2008, currently known as NTC 2015.
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    date 13-07-2015

    TWS renews its commitment in favor of sport and the Marche region through its support to Lube Volley

    We at TWS have now established a closer bond with sport and the Marche region thanks to our support to Lube Volley. In fact, besides being present inside the sports complex Palacivitanova and on the scrolling display boards around the court perimeter as of last year, in the 2015-2016 season, for the first time, our logo will also be on Lube Volley’s official uniform. At TWS we are deeply proud of our origins, that is why we have chosen to support a team that can boast exceptional achievements, the result of those values of hard work, commitment and tenacity which make the enterprises of the Marche region so great. We hope that, also thanks to our collaboration, Lube Volley can continue to progress and disseminate those values that are behind both their and our success.
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